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In this two hour video masterclass, Antonio shares everything he has learned in his 10 year career in the stock market about analyzing companies. He writes a dozen in-depth company analyses per year and is an early investor in AMD, Tesla and Palantir

By completing this course, you will emerge as a stronger analyst, with an improved ability to:

1. Study companies and their respective industries deeply on your own, forming your personal views about them, regardless of external opinions.

2. Do more research in less time.

3. Know when to buy or when to sell a stock through the ups and downs, by rigorously keeping a close eye on the fundamentals of a company.

4. Come up with asymmetric investment ideas, in which the upside is large and the downside is capped.

5. More easily spot undervalued companies within your circle of competence.

6. Invest only in what you truly understand, keeping yourself away from trouble in the stock market.

The plan is to iterate the course. Once you purchase it, you will have access to all future versions.

If you are not totally satisfied with the course, you can request a full refund the first 14 days after your purchase.

Antonio is here to compound goodwill over the very long term.

Following a succesfull pre-sale, the course is now live for all.

In under 2 hours and at an incredible price, you will walk away with a powerful set of mental models that will enable you to become a better analyst and investor.

The course is designed to be one of the asymmetric investments of your life.

The structure of the course is the following:

Section 1: dive into Antonio's Framework.

  • This section alone will add more value to you than the average, months long university course on finance.
  • You will spend the first hour of the masterclass reviewing the framework that Antonio uses for his deep dives. In this section you will learn how to form a cohesive view of a company, by analyzing:
  • The qualitative elements of the company, which are usually far richer in information than the financials.
  • The income and cash flow statements, as well as the balance sheet.
  • Antonio's framework will essentially enable you to combine financial and qualitative datapoints into a single big picture. Then, you will learn to contrast a company's upside with the price on the market, to effectively spot asymmetric situations.
  • The framework will also teach you how to avoid your own psychological short comings and stay close to a company's fundamentals. It will give you the intellectual and emotional fortitude required to do your own research over time.

Section 2: it's deep dive time.

  • In the second hour of the course, you will through 4 deep dives with Antonio.
  • In this section of the masterclass, you will put the above framework into practice and you will emerge with the ability to responsibly apply it out in the wild by yourself.
  • The first two deep dives show you how you can use the framework to confidently buy excellent companies when times of great pessimism come.
  • The last two deep dives show you how you can use the framework to spot world class companies before the market does.
  • At the end of the section, you will emerge with a clear understanding of how to use Antonio's Framework in the markets on your own.

This course is designed to take intermediate analysts to the next level.

The requirements are the following:

  • You must be comfortable reading an income statement, as well as a cash flow statement and a balance sheet.
  • You must have experience analyzing and investing in public companies, so that this is not your first time.
  • You must have intermediate knowledge about business models and moats.

Start your learning journey today with Antonio

The course has thus far been tried and tested with tens of satisfied students.

Enroll now and become a better investor/analyst.

If you are not satisfied, you can request a full refund up to 14 days after your purchase.

The course is rooted in one basic philosophical principle: to turn you into a sovereign investor

There are many ways to make money in the stock market, but only two virtues which underpin them all: psychological strength and patience.

This course will ultimately teach you how to study the fundamentals of a company on your own and thus, will help you to stop relying on third parties for your investment decisions.

You will also gain an appreciation for a universal truth: a stock ultimately tracks the evolution of a company's fundamentals and earning power and, enhancing them takes time.

This means that after this course, you will be entirely responsible for your research and your decisions. You will also be one of the patient individuals that the stock market tends to transfer wealth to from impatient individuals and not the other way around.

This philosophical shift will make you stronger psychologically and this path will eventually, over the decades and through many ups and downs, turn you into a sovereign investor.

Antonio is an early investor in AMD, Tesla and Palantir.

He writes monthly in depth company analyses for more than 7,500 readers and over 20,000 X followers.

His deep dives have been read by tens of thousands of individuals world wide and he is known for pursuing asymmetric, contrarian bets.

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Ondrej Slunecko, Long Term Investor and Creator

“Investing is part art, part science and requires unique perspective and creativity. Antonio helps to unlock new mental frameworks so we can envision and embrace the future and benefit from the changes only few can see.”

Greg Gage, Long Term Investor

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His analysis are great and valuable."

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"Thanks, and thank you for your incredibly dilligent and thought-provoking deep dives!"

Bob Evans, Long Term Investor

"Your deep dives are very valuable. Thank you for all that you do."

Fibonacci Trading, Trader and Long Term Investor

"I’ve printed most of [your deep dives] out and read them in the library. I feel like I train my brain by just reading them."

Late Investor, Long Term Investor

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Dominik Filkus, Software Engineer and Long Term Investor

"There are tech experts who do not understand investing and there are financial analysts who do not understand technology. Antonio is the bridge between them."

Start your learning journey today with Antonio

The course has thus far been tried and tested with tens of satisfied students.

Enroll now and become a better investor/analyst.

If you are not satisfied, you can request a full refund up to 14 days after your purchase.